Arborpolitan believes in providing holistic solutions to preserving the health of urban and suburban greenspaces. It is our belief that through sustainable and natural methods, landscapes can thrive with little to no chemical products. From the initial planning of the landscape, to management and alterations, it is Arborpolitan’s goal to provide services that promote nature taking care of nature.

Green Garden Care

Customized to each client’s need, Arborpolitan uses timed applications and cultural methods to treat gardens traditionally and organically during seasonal outbreaks of insects, pests, or environmental factors that effect plant biology. Whether annually, monthly, or weekly, our visits to your garden or estate can help to preserve its long term health and beauty.

Custom Soil Care

Using an assortment of natural fertilizers and bio-stimulants, including sea kelp extract, fish oil, yucca, and worm castings, we can bring the nutrients found in the forest floor to your city garden or suburban tree. By using a deep root spike powered by a high-pressure water pump, we can deliver nutrients directly to the roots of trees and shrubs, which is much more efficient than topical fertilization.

Managing your soil health is about more than just promoting plant growth. By taking initiative with your soil, you will also stimulate slow, healthy growth in roots and shoots, encourage beneficial baceria and fungi to colonize soil, attracting earthworms and arthropods, aid soil friability and aeration, and allow the tree to improve its tolerance to disease, insects, droughts, and pollution by improving its “immune” system.

Air Spade

Wielding a spike with air traveling at a Mach 2 velocity, our technicians can use an Air Spade to excavate soil around a plant without doing damage to its root system. This is an invaluable tool when digging large holes or trenches around an existing tree, and has many other uses. The video below shows this tool in action.

Synthetic Alternatives and Specialty Tree Care: In addition to organic bio-stimulants and insect control, we can service trees using synthetic products for important issues. We administer Dutch Elm Disease Inoculations to prevent decline and death of elm species, Tree Growth Regulation and Rehabilitation products for trees in tight courtyards or trees in decline that need to focus on replenishing their energy stores, Specialty mirco-injections in hard to spray areas, and prevention and treatment of Phytophthora disease which causes masses of bleeding cankers through bark.