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Prospect Heights Planting Project

It’s always exciting when we get a chance to visit a garden to see how it has progressed. In this project, we added a variety of sun to part shade tolerant groundcovers, grasses and perennials to an existing planter.



This was taken during the winter. Our client wanted us to help add some perennials during the spring to replace the original plants that either died or were not doing well in this location.

20180425 Bottom Bed.jpg


In April, we planted Anise Hyssop and Black-Eyed Susans as summer flowering perennials, Moor grass as ground cover, Creeping raspberry as a cascading groundcover, and Korean Feather Reed grass to add structure and late summer interest.


5 months later:

Pollinator friendly Anise Hyssop and Black-Eyed Susans have roughly tripled in height and are flowering. The Korean Reed Grass is in bloom. It is one of my favorite grasses, since it can grow in full sun and shade, and forms soft seed heads during the fall.